Apologies, dear readers. Yes, both of you. I did not post last week, as I was laid off last Friday, and lacked the will. This has not changed much in the subsequent week, so I've shelved my intended topic for now, and will write instead about being emasculated by my former employer.

It's a new experience for me. I've been fired twice, and quit countless times, but I've never been downsized until now. In some ways, it's nice - you get money for it, unlike the other ways of losing your job. On the other hand, as only about a quarter of my fellow software engineers were let go, I can't help but ask, "Why me?" What's particularly vexing about the question is that I can expect no answer. Fear of liability silences everyone responsible for those decisions.

From a financial standpoint, I have no cause for worry just yet. The combination of severance and my lifelong habit of saving most of my money makes temporary unemployment toothless. Add to that my personal inclinations, and it becomes downright attractive. I now have multiple creative goals that I can realistically imagine completing before taking another job, and nothing but time to work on them. I admit it will be difficult to make a short film on my own and within the walls of my own apartment, but it beats writing code.

I ought to be thankful for the abundant outreach I'm receiving from recruiters in the wake of the layoff, but, really, I'm overwhelmed. I made a list of what I'm looking for in a position - for the record, social life headed the list - and a spreadsheet of all the companies that have reached out to me so far. It's too much to analyze. I need to take many breathes over many days before I even look at it again.

All right, enough updating. I'll have something substantial next week. And I need to start thinking of a new name for the blog...