Rob Rosenbaum

Software Engineer


60-06 43rd Ave. Apt 1D - Woodside, NY 11377 - 734.239.2303



I am looking for a role as tech lead, or a senior engineering role with management prospects.

Recent Employment

Lead Software Engineer, Greenhouse Software, March 2015 - April 2020

Greenhouse Software produces a suite of SaaS products for to facilitate businesses' hiring processes. The main stack is based on Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL, served from AWS. The following is a sample of some of the work I did there:

Lead Software Engineer, Newgrounds, April 2008 - November 2013

Newgrounds is an entertainment portal built on the LAMP stack, serving user-submitted games and animated shorts. Newgrounds is a high-traffic site with over one million registered users, and thus requires scalable code and diligent attention to database efficiency. My major projects there included:

Previous Experience

LectureTools, 2007 - 2008

LectureTools is a web-based learning tool used in large university lecture halls to improve student participation and understanding. Students can view lecture slides, ask question, respond to instructor questions, and even take notes, all through the web application. The instructors, on the other hand, have tools to graph student responses over time (to things such as multiple choice questions) and track student attendance. I was hired to rewrite the existing site from scratch in the Symfony framework, implementing new features such as a Web 2.0 interface using AJAX and a Flash-based file uploader. I also built the base CSS stylesheet, though both the CSS and the HTML templates have been modified by the client.

Fantasy Brains, 2007
Fantasy football site, developed using the Symfony framework. I was brought on half way through the project as lead developer to clean up a rather large mess left by a previous developer. The client expressed relief at finding a reliable, high-quality freelancer. My tasks included complex data management, creating a multi-tiered authentication scheme, and improving on the "Web 2.0" interface.
Matthew Santo, 2007
Filmmaker Matthew Santo's online video gallery. I built both the front-end, including the CSS stylesheet and the AJAX-based data retrieval, as well as a complete content management system (CMS) in PHP / MySQL. I also integrated the Flash video player with the pages' Javascript. Delivered in five days. (Not the current site)


A function-oriented dialect of JavaScript, written in JavaScript and the parser-generator Jison. Aspires to be more readable than JavaScript without being a different language.
Node.js Asynchronous Monad - Combines the Continuation, State, and Error monads to simplify the callback-style IO of node.js.
Additional projects
Please refer to the Github and BitBucket links at the top of this document.


I completed the bulk of a dual degree in physics and mathematics at Drexel University. I worked for 4 months in 1999 as an intern at Los Alamos National Laboratory, assisting in research on quantum computing.

The last non-freelance job I had in the IT industry, prior to Newgrounds, was back in 2000 at Destiny Web Solutions in Conshohocken, PA. I was a Principal Developer, designing and implementing web applications in Java and Perl for financial institutions, including Chase Manhattan, Fleet Financial Group, and Northern Trust. Destiny is no longer in business.

In the time between leaving Destiny and starting my freelance career, I did many things that I found very interesting that had nothing to do with web development, including building a cabin from scratch out of salvaged wood and found materials, and living in it for two years. This was great.